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Kera is the only manufacturer of heating and biofuels in Georgia. Our main task is to provide users with a wide choice and high-quality services.

The company’s enterprises are located in different regions of Georgia, which allows consumers to enjoy ecologically clean Georgian briquettes as soon as possible.



Briquettes Enterprises

We provide customers Briquettes throughout Georgia


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Village Partskanakabi
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Pshaveli Village
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Briquette Advantages

Advantages of Briquette

Unlike the firewood, briquette ignites easily, produces less smoke, produces a uniform temperature during burning and has a high calorific value. Briquette, made from organic mass, burns by 22% longer than the wood, and generates by18% more heat.

Be ready for winter!

We would like to remind you that 2.5 million m3 of firewood is used annually for energy purposes in Georgia, while the annual potential of our forests is 1 million m3. Every tree is important! Buy a briquette from us and save the Georgian forest from destruction.

Is it an alternative to firewood?

The 1.3 kg, or one briquette burns for about 1 hour 30 minutes; 1 ton of briquette is equivalent to 5 cubic meters of firewood. Its price is much less than that of the firewood. Accordingly, in addition to environmental and energy security factors, it is much more cost-effective from an economic point of view.

What is the glue for the sawn mass?

Any raw wood, whether sawdust or nutshell, has its natural stickiness, and in a special device, under high pressure, it is pressed and takes the appropriate form without any chemical additives.