What is a Briquette?

The production of fuel briquette is a modern approach to the environment, it is a
technology that protects forests from destruction, helps to stop the process of erosion
and desertification, and it is also economically cost-effective.
Biomass (Organic waste) is a valuable source of energy and can be used as an
alternative to firewood for cooking and heating, if not completely, at least partially.
Unlike the wood, briquette ignites easily, produces less smoke, produces a uniform
temperature during burning and has a high calorific value. Briquette, made from organic
mass, burns by 22% longer than the wood, and generates by 18% more heat.

What type of biomass do we have?

How is briquette / pellet used?

We use the forest waste from both deforestation and sanitary felling. We cooperate with license holders who have sawmills or woodworking workshops. There is a huge amount of waste left in them. This waste is itself a source of river pollution, since most of it is secretly discharged into the river. Agricultural plant waste (i.e. annual cultivated plants) is also useful for us. Drying, processing and pressing of biomass is carried out on a special drying device at the plant. After that there is obtained a compactly packed, light weight mass in the form of briquette / pellet. It is easy to store, ideal for transportation. The coefficient of its energy efficiency is 0.03.

The 800 g. or one briquette / pellet burns for about 1 hour 40 minutes; 1 ton of briquette / pellet is equivalent to 5 cubic meters of firewood. Its price is much less than that of the firewood. Accordingly, in addition to environmental and energy security factors, briquettes / pellets are much more cost-effective from an economic point of view. Production of briquettes / pellets in the world has started since the middle of the last century and is still very popular. Its active consumers are the USA, Europe and the post-Soviet countries. Moreover, imports to Europe are mainly carried out from Russia and Ukraine. The European Union has taken the obligation to maximally implement this renewable energy until 2030.

Briquette / pellet is used in special energy-saving pyrolytic furnaces, which have
specially equipped combustion chambers, thus avoiding contamination of the air

The heating system on the biomass is to be arranged in the following way: we should buy a special boiler, then the water from the furnace through the pipes is distributed into the radiators installed in the rooms, and heated. There is one more question: where there is already installed so-called central heating on natural gas, it may be switched to the biomass combustion. Maintenance, installation and further supply is provided by our company.

As for pyrolysis furnaces, the Company KERA imports them from Russia and Ukraine, and offers a full package of services to consumers.

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