01. About Us

Company «Kera»

is the only manufacturer of heating and biofuels in Georgia. Our main task is to provide users with a wide choice and high-quality services.

The company’s enterprises are located in different regions of Georgia, which allows consumers to enjoy ecologically clean Georgian briquettes as soon as possible.

Also, the company Kera offers installation of a central heating system with pyrolysis boilers. That is why the company cooperates with suppliers whose products are fully compatible with European standards and at the same time adapted for operation in Georgia.

Our Mission

– Up to 100 qualified qualified employees

– 4 Factories

Working technology

The Georgian company “Kera” offers a strong biomass bridges / pallets and full service of their use instead of using expensive energy, health, and health threats for heating. We offer you with the complexity of buildings, apartments, houses, heating

Using our high-tech biofuel – briquettes and pellets. Energy, gas and energy granules are less fluid than dust and spores that cause allergic reactions in humans.

• Using pyrolysic furnaces equipped with modern techniques can be reduced by 3-4 times the cost of consumption, power and gas consumption;

• Taking into account the wide range of advantages of sustainable energy projects, waste biomass, we are aimed at protecting internationally recognized ambient air quality standards in the field of environmental protection and promoting fulfillment of obligations under the Association Agreement with the European Union. Enabling the production capacity of the biofuel briquet, modern technological lines, the necessary infrastructure;

• Exhaust waste reserve in Georgia (sawdust, millet, cocoon, bark, straw, pitch, etc.) is an exhaustive resource and significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions;

• Our programs take into account the company agreed to support the first ghonisdziebebispirobeb ​​ensure municipal buildings, public facilities (schools, kindergartens, health and administrative facilities, etc.) to ensure biofuel briquettes, briketeb working on the installation of heating systems, long eksplotatsiis pyrolytic Otatsiuli stoves and providing long-term technical services;

• Conducted international surveys in Georgia’s forestry sector, which is 42% of our territory, will reduce gas and electricity costs 3-4 times by using bio-fuel biomass made of sawdust, wood stain and other waste, resulting from timber recycling processing;

• Biomass, as the renewable energy source, grows more and more in developed countries. The use of modern biofuel is increasing in the heating and transport sectors and further enhancement of this tendency is one of the priorities of the EU;

• Promoting biomass production and use of the UN and OSCE initiatives and supporting global environmental funding and the use of forestry raw material for the European Neighborhood Policy. The use of economical and ecologically charged fuel-biomass is becoming increasingly popular and the use of biomass energy intensively increases. By now more than 10% of world energy consumption is provided by biomass;

• Biomass pyrolytic stoves modernized by modern technologies are actively used in European countries; The principle of pyrolysis is based on thermal dissolution of organic compounds without air –

• Considering that Georgia has only 111th place in ecological efficiency EPI rating and the timber illegal cutting environment threatens us with the disaster, our company programs fully respond to state policy and interests of the population;

• The population of Georgia consumes 5-6 million m3 per year only for family farming, which significantly exceeds not only its cutting limit (1 million m3) but also its average yearly increase (4 million m3);

• Modernized biomass ovens modern technologies are very active in the use of European countries. The reason for this is its very high efficiency coefficient, economically and ecologically justified fuel-biomaterials;

• Not long ago it became known that Norway is the first country in the world where the timber cutting rate has reached zero. Despite the fact that now fine for the illegal cutting of 500 GEL, for the same action committed 1000 GEL, the situation is not substantially changed, public consciousness does not correspond to the current situation;

If 600,000 m3 trees are cut in the permit for Georgia, 35% of waste in the forest, 210 000 m3 remains. 150,000 m3 firewood will be salted with this resource briquette. 72 450 tons can be made from waste;

• 1 kg of firewood can produce 14-15Mg of energy when burning efficiency is 100%. However, in the case of any type of fuel, the effectiveness is less than 100% and the average is 70% (ie 1kg of trees gives about 10 Mg of energy). The negative side of direct wood burning is air pollution. In the combustion process, carbon dioxide, soot, smoke, polycystic aromatic hydrocarbons are allocated. In order to reduce the contamination of the contaminants, stoves are used for burning at very high temperatures (600 degrees Celsius). 1kg bakette 4-5 kg ​​of firewood is replaced, ecologically pure, cheap and affordable;

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